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Productivity Essentials: SimplyFile 4

I’ve decided that I’m going to write several blogs on the tools that I find indispensable. you’re a programmer or a knowledge worker you likely get inundated with email. I use Microsoft Outlook (I think we all do), and while it has some organizational features… it needs help. In come the SimplyFile add in from […]


Track website changes automatically with UpdatePatrol

One of the things that I find myself doing on a regular basis is checking the same sites over and over again. There are several reasons for this, the most common is that it is a software company and when they release a new build of their software… I want to know right away. The […]


Product Reviews coming soon…

I’ve been out of the mix lately with an avalanche of health issues… the latest of which is a pinched sciatic nerve. Never the less I will be putting up some reviews of some of the coolest applications, tools, and visual studio add-ins and here is a partial list of what is to come: UpatePatrol […]


Altova’s XMLSpy 2009 Released

This week Altova released the latest version of its flagship product, XmlSpy. I’ve previously blogged about it being the de facto tool when it comes to working with XML tools. In my opinion the coolest new feature is the auto-completion of XPath expressions. Most of the more technical features are only available in the professional […]


WebGuide – Streaming TV, Remote Scheduling and Media Sharing for Windows Vista and Media Center

I’ve been looking for a solution for a long time to be able to watch DirecTV when I’m not at home. I’ve tried many things and all with different pros and cons. Having just discovered a free way to host a small little web server from home and still be able to change the channel […]


Altova Xmlspy – the de facto XML tool of choice

When it comes time to work with XML the first company that comes to mind is Altova. The Missionkit suite is to XML what Visual Studio is to C#. At the core of this suite: the hands down (imho) best XML IDE Altova’s XMLSpy. I’ve been planning this blog entry for some time now and […]



A very useful web 2.0 application/service that allows you to mark pages you’ve surfed past to read at a later time. This way from your mobile device or as your browser’s home page you can read the detailed content of the original page right from the page. By clicking on the text button it […]


Customizing the Command Prompt

Having a meaningful command prompt can be incredibly helpful when working on several machines, remote computers, and using different credentials. So I use the following command prompt on all of my machines… this allows me to easily know who and how I connected to a remote share when I’m using the command line interface (cli). […]


QuizoApps: QTTabBar

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a tool junky. That being said I’ve decided that I’m going to try to list the new or updated tools that I use often. The first tool is freeware, which is my favorite price, and is called QTTabBar and it adds useful tabs and other options to the […]

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