This week Altova released the latest version of its flagship product, XmlSpy. I’ve previously blogged about it being the de facto tool when it comes to working with XML tools. In my opinion the coolest new feature is the auto-completion of XPath expressions. xpath_autocompletion[1]Most of the more technical features are only available in the professional and enterprise versions of XmlSpy (Not included in the standard version). I’d recommend purchasing the MissionKit which bundles several of Altova’s products into an affordable and complete suite of XML and related tools. My suggestion hasn’t changed: if you work with XML, this product, and if possible the full MissionKit, is a must-have. Additional benefits of the suite include other products: StyleVision a graphical stylesheet designer, DiffDog an XML-aware diff merge tool for file, folder, and directory differencing, DatabaseSpy – multi-database tool, SQL editor, query tool, database design tool, and database table comparison tool, UModel – UML tool for software modeling and application development, MapForce – graphical data mapping, conversion, and integration tool, SchemaAgent – Graphical XML Schema, XSLT, and WSDL file management and modeling tool, and more.